Young Student Gets Lost in China’s Terrifying Smog on Her Way to School

China’s airpocalypse appears to have worsened as one little young girl got lost in the thick smog on her way to school.

The incident, caught on camera, reportedly occurred last week.

With surroundings barely visible, the student accidentally got off the bus she was riding at the wrong stop.

She then asked a police officer stationed at the roadside for help.

The officer called for a cop car, which arrived shortly and brought her to school.

According to Shanghaiist, the incident went viral on Chinese social media, but some are skeptical about it.

Apparently, some are convinced that it was nothing but a high-quality ad, while others questioned why the girl, after all, is going to school under a dangerous atmosphere.

But really, it’s not difficult to get lost at a sight like that. Even Hong Kong can tell.

See it for yourself below:

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