Woman Goes Missing After Calling Out Chinese President for ‘Tyranny’ in Livestream

A woman who filmed herself splashing ink on a poster of Chinese President Xi Jinping has reportedly gone missing.

The woman, surnamed Dong, stood in front of a Shanghai building on the morning of July 4, local time, to protest against Xi’s “autocratic rule and tyranny.”

She then splashed ink on the president’s “Chinese Dream” poster which was installed on the opposite side of the HNA Building in Lujiazui.

“I oppose Xi Jinping’s autocratic rule and tyranny!” Shanghaiist quoted Dong, who livestreamed the act, as shouting.

“Xi Jinping, I’m waiting here for you to catch me! I splashed ink onto your portrait in front of your property,” she added.

Dong also alleged that she had been under the Communist Party’s “mind control” over the last year and called for an intervention from international organizations.

According to RFI, reporters managed to contact Dong around 2 p.m. on the same day through her Twitter account @feefeefly and learned that she was safe.

But an hour later, Dong shared a photo of multiple officers standing outside her door, and nobody has heard from her since.

“Right now, there are people in uniform outside my door. Once I get changed, I will go out. I haven’t done anything wrong. The ones who have done wrong are the people and organizations that hurt me.”

Dong’s Twitter has been taken down after following that update. Some users reportedly tried to look for her personal information, but none have been successful.

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