VIXX’s RAVI is all about ‘LOVE & HOLIDAY’ in new EP

  • RAVI of the K-pop boy group VIXX released his fifth EP, “LOVE & HOLIDAY,” on Monday.
  • Released alongside the album are two new music videos: one for the title track “Kiss You” and the other for “Dumb Dumb Dumb,” which came out on Sep. 8.
  • The album’s 10 tracks were co-written and co-composed by RAVI and includes his prerelease collaboration single “Bye,” featuring L1VE labelmate Wheein of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO.
  • RAVI is the founder of the labels GROOVL1N and L1VE, the latter of which Wheein has been signed to since last year.

GROOVL1N and L1VE label founder and soloist RAVI dropped his fifth EP “LOVE & HOLIDAY,” flanked by two music videos. 

The first music video is for the title track “Kiss You,” featuring clips and audience interactions from RAVI’s “Revoir” concert earlier this year. His B-side “Dumb Dumb Dumb,” which dropped on Sep. 8, also got the music video treatment. It includes footage from RAVI’s performance during one of the Waterbomb Festivals in South Korea over the summer. 

Overall, “LOVE & HOLIDAY” consists of 10 tracks total, all of which were co-written and co-composed by RAVI. The previously released collaboration single “Bye” with fellow L1VE labelmate and MAMAMOO member Wheein finds a spot on the album as well. Other notable featuring artists include 365lit, blase, Jayci yucca, OUREALGOAT and Polodared.

RAVI has released several music projects prior to “LOVE & HOLIDAY” this year, including the June collaboration EP “DESSERT TAPE” with GROOVL1N labelmate Xydo, the single “WHO WE ARE” in May and his February album “Love&Fight.”


Feature Image via GROOVL1N

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