Uncle Roger Reacts to the Saddest Fried Rice Video Yet

uncle roger

Uncle Roger, the fried rice connoisseur/critic created by U.K.-based Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, recently recorded a reaction to a video he described as “the worst fried rice video.”


Off to a hilarious start: The comedic critique, uploaded on Ng’s YouTube channel mrnigelng on Sunday, saw the fictional character taking on a 2018 cooking video by channel Kays Cooking titled “Special Fried Rice.”

  • Uncle Roger’s nephew Nigel (also played by the comedian) starts off by reminding viewers not to “go attacking anyone” as it is merely a comedy video.
  • From the get-go, Uncle Roger showcased his familiar delivery of witty comments each time the featured cook, Kay, appeared to mess up the recipe.
  • He immediately questioned the woman’s use of an induction cooker but gave her props for at least using a wok.
  • When the woman placed her hand over the wok to check if it’s hot enough, Uncle Roger pointed out that it is safer to just use her eyes.
  • “Here’s how you know if wok is hot,” Uncle Roger said. “If there’s smoke coming up from wok, you know it’s hot. This is not the time to use fingers.”
  • He then went on to criticize the woman’s “Sesame Street” knife, her slow, uneven chopping and the way she “cremated” the garlic.
  • “Give Uncle Roger the garlic, I will give a proper burial,” he said in jest. “Garlic is Asian people’s favorite ingredient and you destroy it.”

Even worse than Auntie Hersha: The ultimate kicker came near halfway through the video when Kay poured in raw grains of rice into the wok.

  • “What, what, what, what’s she doing? What she’s doing? Is that raw rice she putting in the wok. No, no, no, no!” Uncle Roger screamed in frustration.
  • He even replayed the video to check if he’s seeing it wrong, but she did indeed put raw rice into the burned garlic.
  • “Uncle Roger say if your rice too wet, you f*cked up, but if your rice uncooked, you definitely f*cked up,” he said.

  • He compared watching the video to watching “Schindler’s List but for egg fried rice.”
  • “Is that not the saddest thing you seen?” he commented on the final product. 
  • As of this writing, Uncle Roger’s video has racked up more than 2 million views, while Kay’s fried rice video has gained nearly a quarter-million views.


Feature Image via mrnigelng

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