Twitter is Now Full of Hilarious Memes About Wong in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


“Avengers: Infinity War”, the culmination of a decade’s worth of superhero films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is widely considered to be a massive cinematic event.

That is why, for many Asian comic book fans, the inclusion of Wong in Disney’s billion-dollar blockbuster is kind of a big deal.

But while it was indeed thrilling to see Wong, Kamar-Taj’s own “Master of the Mystic Arts”, fighting alongside Earth’s mightiest heroes, his being the sole Asian superhero character out of the 25 main cast members featured in the film also left many wanting more scenes from him.

Yes, for the limited screen time he had in the movie, Wong was a badass. During a memorable action-packed sequence at the beginning, Wong can be seen showing off some amazing moves using his mystical powers against Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw, two members of the so-called “Children of Thanos”.

But then, something happened after the battle that left the internet perplexed: Wong was never seen again for the rest of the movie after he traveled back to the New York Sanctum via a portal.

While he did say he had to go to “protect” their last remaining base Sanctum Sanctorum, netizens were unimpressed with his abrupt disappearance, especially with Doctor Strange being captured by Ebony Maw.

Wong, played by Hong Kong-British actor Benedict Wong, soon became a meme among Marvel fans who aren’t convinced that protecting the sanctum is more important than saving his ally and helping to stop Thanos, the biggest threat the universe has ever faced.

INFINITY WAR SPOILER ALERT: Man if this ain’t the fakest nigga in the marvel universe. This nigga got the fuck. He ain’t even fight Thanos, he fought that mans minions and was like “imma go head and step back to the crib, y’all look like y’all got this.” Ain’t even help try to help his mans Strange, bruh said at the beginning of the movie he got to protect the time stone at all cost and was like “I mean shit happen” as soon as strange got took. Disloyal ass. Thanos musta put the fear in this man cause he said fuck my duties, cuz ain’t come back for the whole movie and tried to feed us some bullshit like “I gotta protect the crib cause ain’t nobody there” boy fucking Thanos coming to collect the stones that he can use to wipe out the damn universe, wasn’t nobody fucking with that damn crib. This man skidaddled the fuck up out of there for no reason.

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Many have pointed out, however, that he already did his part during the battle in New York, where he not only saved Iron Man’s life but also transported Obsidian to an icy tundra, severing part of its monstrous arm. It is also worth noting that the Sanctum, as stated in the previous Doctor Strange film, must be guarded at all times since it holds numerous powerful mystical artifacts and acts as a barrier against all kinds of interdimensional threats.

Wong’s exit could also mean that he’ll be back in the follow-up film next year. Who knows — he might get his ultimate redemption then by single-handedly saving everyone?

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