Twitter Brings Back the Time Gordon Ramsay’s Pad Thai Was Roasted By a Thai Chef

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is world-renowned for his incendiary rebukes of unsatisfying food prepared by mere mortals.

He also brings his sharp critique to his Twitter account, where his followers often ask for his expert opinion on the meals they’ve created themselves.

His prowess in the kitchen obvious, it seemed like he’d never feel what it’s like to be reprimanded for a sub-par dish himself; however, a short clip recently emerged online featuring the time when exactly that happened.

Originally broadcast back in 2009, the scene from Season 5 of his TV show “The F Word” is now making the rounds on social media. In the episode, Ramsay is preparing meals for Buddhist monks at a Thai temple in London. Before visiting the temple, Ramsay met with a Thai restaurant chef named Chang to learn how to make some authentic Thai dishes. 

Among those he learned was the popular Thai dish pad thai, a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and casual local eateries.

Unfortunately, when Ramsay prepared a “quick and easy” version of the traditional dish, Chef Chang was not that impressed.

While he initially appreciated Ramsay’s process, Chef Chang eventually gave Ramsay an unflattering feedback after sampling his creation.

Delivered with an expression filled with disbelief, Chef Chang exclaimed: “This is not pad thai.”

Reminded of this epic take-down, social media users are taking pleasure in roasting Ramsay:

Netizens loved it so much, they dug up even more instances of chefs dishing it to Ramsay:

Guess you know what they say — if you can’t stand the heat…

Featured Image via Twitter / SydneeW_

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