Rich Chinese Kid Proposes to College Girlfriend With 11 Luxury Cars

A man in China proposed to his girlfriend with a fleet of luxury cars arranged in the shape of a heart. Fortunately, the stunt worked out for the lover boy.

The boyfriend from Guangzhou, China is reportedly a young university dropout who found enough success as a CEO to rent 11 luxury cars for a flashy marriage proposal. The couple are junior high school sweethearts and fell madly in love during military training, according to Shanghaiist.

The girlfriend, an incoming freshman, was lured by the sound of horns and music to her dorm room balcony where she looked down at the spectacle. She came downstairs and was met by her boyfriend, who proposed with a diamond ring.

The newly engaged boyfriend confessed that his lavish proposal was a way to seal their love in case someone tried to steal her away from him while she was in school. The lovebirds are set to wed after she finishes her studies.

The eye-catching proposal is just another in a series of fantastic proposals that have occurred of late in China. In March, one boyfriend from Beijing expressed his affection for his girlfriend by proposing to her with a meat-filled bouquet at a hot pot restaurant. The man exclaimed that she could eat as much as she wants and gain more pounds — and his undying love for her would never change.

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