Tokyo Stylist Magically Transforms ‘Geeks’ Into Heartthrobs with Just a Haircut

Shou Otsuki is a hairstylist in Tokyo who is gaining popularity for his ability to transform “geeks” into heartthrobs using his comb and scissors.

Otsuki, who works at the L. Dorado hair salon in the Shibuya district, has earned fans on social media after he began posting his amazing makeover videos online. 

According to the salon’s website, Otsuki begins after offering his expert suggestions based on the customer’s desired look.

In the clips, the skillful stylist magically transforms his clients’ archetypal geek look common to many Japanese middle-aged office workers into a more dapper and modern style.

One customer who earlier witnessed Otsuki work his magic in a viral video recently sought out the stylist to do the same for him.

“I’m happy that thanks to my videos, a few more people know that they can look cool too,” Otsuki wrote in a recent tweet.

Otsuki is now seen as a modern miracle worker who provides satisfaction to every customer who gains more confidence after a successful haircut.

According to Soranews24, customers can make an appointment with the talented stylist online via L. Dorado’s reservation page. Prices start at 6,480 yen ($59).

Featured image via Twitter/@omaturi1002

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