Man Who Went Viral on Facebook Looking For a Girlfriend Finally Gets a Girlfriend


You might remember a comedian named Timstar from his viral videos in which he flexed his skinny chest and abs and proclaimed in numerous ways that he was looking for a girlfriend.


The Asian-Australian comedian, who began posting around 2015, delivered classic lines in his short videos such as “no chest, no sex,” and “oh my gosh, I am massive!”


In September, everything changed. Timstar posted an update on Facebook signaling that he’d entered a relationship with a woman named Sijia Wang.

The post received comments from users around the world proclaiming the news:

“damn he did it lol”

“he’s no longer looking”

“no chest no sex”

Since then, Timstar has shared multiple photos and videos of himself with the lucky lady, some of which seeming quite risqué:

The news should serve as welcome inspiration for those looking to complete their New Years resolutions.

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