Tattoo Artist Fixes Woman’s Botched Eyebrow Tattoos, Saves Her From Lifetime of Embarrassment

A woman from Thailand’s Surat Thani province was recently saved from a lifetime of embarrassment thanks to a kindhearted tattoo artist after receiving botched eyebrow tattoos.

The woman, identified as Kanyarat Dew Chaichan on Facebook, went to a cheap tattoo shop to get her eyebrows done. But in the end, she received an eyebrow tattoo that looked like the vowel “Ei” in Thai, according to The Nation.

She managed to find tattoo artist Vilailak Nan Sundantom who helped her correct the mistake and was happy to lend a helping hand to the poor woman free of charge.

During their online conversation, the tattoo artist found out that Kanyarat could not afford the fee to fix her eyebrows, which usually costs around 30,000-50,000 Thai baht ($963-$1,605).

The woman reportedly admitted that even the 200 Thai baht ($6.42) cost to travel to Vilailak’s shop was not exactly within her budget.

Prior to meeting Vilailak, Kanyarat was losing all hope and had accepted her fate of having to live the rest of her life with the horrendous eyebrows she got from an unnamed tattoo shop.

Fortunately, Vilailak was so touched by Kanyarat’s predicament that she decided to proceed with the corrective work on March 20.

Meanwhile, Thai social media users, including Kanyarat, were moved by Vilailak’s kindness, with many thanking her for her work.

Vilailak warns others to choose quality tattoo shops.

Images via Facebook / nan.sundantomm

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