Taiwanese Superstar Jay Chou Bamboozles Jeremy Lin With Magic Trick

When not busy prepping for his return for the next NBA season, basketball superstar Jeremy Lin also finds time helping out charities close to his heart.

The Nets’ electrifying point guard, who is still recovering from a terrible knee injury from last year, also uses his free time trying out new stuff — recently, he’s been found to be dabbling a little bit into magic.    

In a hilarious video he posted on Instagram, Lin attempts — and miserably fails — to move a drinking straw with his mind. Luckily, Jay Chou, aka “Mr. Magic” was passing by and demonstrated how to do it properly.

With ease, Chou sends the straw spinning without touching it and then caps the act of by also moving Lin’s glasses, purportedly using his psychokinetic abilities.

Watch the entire clip here:

The short but delightful sketch ends with Lin impressed with Chou’s incredible magic.

Thankfully, Lin won’t be depending on any magic in his upcoming season, as he’s been making incredible progress with his recovery through hard work.

Feature image via Instagram / jlin7

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