Modern Kimonos for Men Fused With Japanese and Scandinavian Styles Are Fly AF

Brace yourselves—and your pockets, maybe—as the kimono gets the modern treatment while keeping its roots in a new product line.

The T-Kimono, created by Norway’s T-Michael and Japan’s Y. & Sons, blends the robe’s traditional Japanese silhouette with minimalist Scandinavian styles.

Designer and tailor T. Michael and Y. & Sons director Takayuki Yajima

The result: a stylish garment clad in muted shades like those of blue and gray.

Gone are the bright colors and patterns most of us are used to see!

With its colors and minimalist vibe, the T-Kimono targets a younger male audience, My Modern Met said. Still, anyone who fancies donning wool-suit material that gives the body much room for movement is free to get one.

For now, check out other styles of Y. & Sons’ kimonos:

Y. & Sons and will start selling the T-Kimono in October, so keep an eye on their website.

Would you wear T-Kimonos?

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