Adorable Korean Boy and His Golden Retriever Are Inseparable

Molly is a 3-month-old golden retriever who loves to have fun with her equally adorable 3-year-old human brother Aithan!

Both from Seoul, South Korea, the human and doggo duo are always there for each other.

. I have sister ❤️I’m so happy mom

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They never leave each other’s side.

south korean golden retriever and 3-year-old boy

Aithan is the overprotective older brother.

They sometimes take impromptu family photos with Mom, actress, model and TV personality Joo Ah-min, whose husband is Korean-American.

Nothing says love like being put in a headlock.

When you need someone to make snow dog angels with.

When you need a partner for a giant snowball fight.

When you need somebody to check if your roof is leaking from the heavy snow.

When you’re too tired from walking around the mall all day and you need someone to drag you.

Molly~ be slow for aithan!!!🙏

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When you try to make new friends at a party, but are happy that a familiar face is around.

When you just need a plain old hug from your best friend forever.

Images via Instagram / molly_seattle

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