Simu Liu Gets Fortune Cookie Saying ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ After Wishing to Be Shang-Chi

Simu Liu, who was cast to play Marvel’s first Asian superhero “Shang-Chi,” sort of “predicted” that the role will be his in a tweet back in December.

On Saturday, the “Kim’s Convenience” star might have just struck luck once again, this time through the good old fortune cookie.

Liu shared a photo of the cookie, which also came with a quote that read, “Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it.”

“Shut. The. Front. Door,” the 30-year-old actor wrote in a tweet, which has since gone viral among fans.

Liu, who opened a screening for Awkwafina’s “The Farewell” in Toronto last week, appeared to dine at a place called Wing’s, though it’s unclear where the establishment is located.

According to his cookie, his “lucky” numbers are 8, 9, 12, 15, 37 and 46.

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The uncanny coincidence has fans banking on more luck heading Liu’s way — possibly the lottery if he takes his chances.

“You, sir, are on a roll!” one commented.

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