Seventeen drops fire music video ‘Hot’ off new album ‘Face The Sun’

Seventeen’s comeback KPOP
  • K-pop boy group Seventeen released their new full album “Face the Sun” with the title music video “Hot” today.
  • The album features seven new songs in addition to their previously released “Hot” and their first English-language single as a group, “Darl+ing.”
  • Member Woozi penned and composed much of the album with contributions from members Hoshi, Vernon and S.Coups in addition to frequent Seventeen collaborator Bumzu.
  • This is Seventeen’s first full-length domestic album release since “An Ode” in 2019.”

K-pop boy group Seventeen’s comeback album “Face The Sun” and title music video “Hot” dropped today.

The nine-track fourth album, led by “Darl+ing,” their first English-language single to be performed by all 13 members, features seven previously unreleased songs.

During a press conference for the album’s release, the group shared their thoughts and goals for the album.

“We have returned with our first album after completing our contract renewals, and so we feel many new emotions. We were able to get this far thanks to our fans. We promise to show you a good side as we continue into the future.”

Songs on the album were once again composed and penned by member Woozi and producer Bumzu, a previous collaborator with the group. Other members Hoshi, Vernon and S.Coups also contributed to the album.

The members also expressed gratitude for being able to celebrate their seventh anniversary with fans this year. Member Jun says, “I’m happy that we are able to celebrate our seventh anniversary as 13. I think that if we can celebrate our 14th anniversary together, with all 13 members present, then that will be enough to put our names in the history books.”

Seventeen’s last full-length record was released nearly three years ago with “An Ode” in September 2019. Their last domestic EP was “Attacca” in October 2021.

Member Joshua said, “Our last album peaked at No. 13 on ‘Billboard 200.’ I hope to go even higher this time around.”

Dino added, “We are thirsty to leave our records in the history books. I’m certain that there are no limits to how far Seventeen can go.”


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