Sandra Oh Bringing Her Parents to the Emmys is the Most Adorable Thing Ever

Sandra Oh, the lead actress in the drama series “Killing Eve,” made fans cry with tears of joy and became true #DaughterGoals after attending the Emmys with her parents.

The 47-year-old Canadian actress was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress for the series “Killing Eve,” making history at the annual award show.

I remember being that girl. I remember absolutely being 10, about the time when I started acting, not knowing why I needed to do what I needed to do, and there just wasn’t really anything out there,” she said while speaking to Entertainment Weekly. “The disconnect I remember feeling at that age, or the feeling of not belonging, if there’s a way of changing that, if there’s a way of saying a possibility to a young girl, ‘You can do this, you can be a part of culture in this way,’ I hope to be a part of that.”

To celebrate the wonderful moment, Oh brought her parents along to the Emmys.

Many netizens were ecstatic to see her with her parents at the award show.

She even introduced her parents to Hollywood actor Milo Ventimiglia.

Featured Image via Twitter / ditzkoff

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