Rising K-Pop Girl Group Reveals 6 Things They’re Forbidden to Do as Trainees

As many of us would already know, the road to K-Pop stardom is not the easiest to travel. Talent is just one of the many other ingredients for a successful career, and by “successful,” we mean really good money.

For Black Pink, that includes compliance to six prohibitions in their contracts as trainees. The four-member girl group trained under YG Entertainment, Big Bang and 2NE1‘s label, before debuting in August 2016 with hits “Boombayah” and “Whistle.”

On Wednesday, members Jisoo and Rosé appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star,” where they shared the dont’s they kept in mind as trainees: dating, drinking, driving, partying, smoking and plastic surgery.

Of course, that last one is controversial. Host Kim Gu-ra commented (via allkpop), “Among your agency seniors, there was quite a lot of plastic surgery.”

But Jisoo had an answer, “Anything is possible if you talk to the agency [YG].”

Kim then asked whether it’s also possible for male and female trainees to come together, but the ladies could clearly remember:

“The trainees even had different eating times. There were six male trainees and seven female trainees. [If the times overlap] the managers block us off so the girls and boys couldn’t see each other. We don’t know each other’s faces. It’s fine after we debut and work on songs.”

You’re welcome to K-Pop.

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