Rina Sawayama is trapped in a time loop in new music video for ‘Hold the Girl’

  • Japanese British singer Rina Sawayama released her new music video “Hold The Girl” yesterday.
  • The song’s title is taken from her upcoming album, due out on Sept. 16.
  • In a press release, Sawayama says she wrote the song after having a revelation in therapy.
  • The song is a follow up of her previous single releases this year, such as “This Hell” and “Catch Me In The Air.”
  • She is slated to headline her U.S. tour throughout November, starting in New York and finishing in Los Angeles.

Japanese British singer Rina Sawayama dropped a new music video on Wednesday titled “Hold the Girl,” which shares the name of her upcoming album. 

Directed by Ali Kurr, who also recently worked on Sawayama’s “This Hell,” the music video has the artist trapped in a time loop and stuck in a 19th-century farmhouse until she manages to break out.

In a press statement about the new song, Sawayama said, “’Hold the Girl’ was the first song I wrote for the record at the end of 2020 – I had gone to therapy and had a revelation, so I decided to write this song… that was the start of it. I was crying before going into the studio to write about it.”

In 2020, she shared her debut album “Sawayama.” Aside from “Hold the Girl” and “This Hell,” she has dropped a handful of other singles this year, including “Follow Me,” her collaboration with Pablo Vittar, and “Beg For You,” her collaboration with Charli XCX.  

Beyond the upcoming album, which will be released on Sept. 16, Sawayama will embark on a U.S. tour starting in New York and ending in Los Angeles throughout the month of November.

Sawayama was one of several Asian artists who performed at Coachella back in April, including Jackson Wang, Milli, Aespa and K-pop icon CL, who shocked fans with a surprise 2NE1 reunion.  


Featured Images via Rina Sawayama

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