Chinese Family Who Took Epic Family Photo Clearly Ignored the One-Child Policy

The Chinese New Year is a time for families to reconnect, catch up, eat together and take photo souvenirs. However, one family took their group photo game to the next level.

According to Shanghaiist, the Ren family from the village of Shishe in Zhejiang Province organized one giant family reunion that will put other families to shame.

As a way to celebrate the Chinese New Year, six generations of the Ren family gathered during the holiday. And to make things more interesting, all of them –- we’re talking about 500 people — proceeded to a cliff to take what could possibly be the biggest family photo in the world.

In order to capture everyone in one photo, the Ren family used a drone which guaranteed one spectacular family portrait that is sure to go down in history.

The members are from the 25th to the 31st generation of the Ren family and they all gathered together for a project to update their “family tree.”

“It took us two and a half years to complete the new family tree,” said party chief of Shishe Village, Ren Tuanjie. “During Spring Festival, we like to bring all the family members together so as to let our ancestors know where they are.”

Some of them came from Beijing, Xinjiang, Shanghai, and Taiwan, and most definitely for all of them, the trip was well worth it.

For sure, the Ren’s ancestors are proud of the major family-bonding captured on this epic family photo.

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