K-Pop Stars Make Unexpected Cameos in Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Comic

The eleventh issue of Marvel’s “Runaways,” which was first published in July 2018, apparently contains a very surprising cameo that even eagle-eyed fans only noticed recently.

As it turns out, Red Velvet’s Irene and BTS’ V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, apparently made an unexpected cameo – or Easter egg appearance – on the front cover of the comic, according to All Kpop.

The cover, which was drawn by Kris Anka, shows people sporting brightly colored hairstyles, but some noticed that two of the characters on the cover looked oddly familiar. Twitter user @purpleheart____ made a post on Wednesday explaining that the two said people were probably Irene and V.

So did @kristaferanka really did draw irene @RVsmtown & taehyung @BTS_twt on the cover of runaways? thanks fellow reveluvs perhaps there are others but i can only spotted the two,” she wrote.

The Twitter user then included a screenshot showing two characters with purple hair. Juxtaposed under the screenshots are two images of both Irene and V, showcasing the striking likeness.

Naturally, fans of both K-pop groups could not contain their excitement after seeing the cover.

But it doesn’t stop there. Another fan soon noticed another possible Easter egg on the cover.

It’s unclear, however, if the character mentioned in the above tweet is indeed a nod to RM (or Rap Monster), another member of the mega-group BTS.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / purpleheart____

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