New ‘Pokémon Sleep’ App Promises a ‘gameplay experience unlike any other’

During the press conference, which was held in Tokyo, Japan on Wednesday, The Pokémon Company unveiled several new exciting projects that are currently in development, and one of them is a feature tightly connected to the new “Pokémon Go Plus +” device called “Pokémon Sleep.”

This new feature is “a gameplay experience unlike any other,” according to The Pokemon Company’s press release. A new device based on the Pokémon GO Plus device uses an embedded accelerometer to track your time sleeping and sends this information to your smartphone via Bluetooth.”

A lot of fans clearly have something to say about this announcement. Here’s what some of them wrote on Twitter:

Included in the conference is a new platform that trainers can use called “Pokémon HOME.” This organizer of some sort will help trainers manage their collection of monsters from all of the “Pokémon” games and can also be used for trading with either their friends or other trainers from across the globe using a smartphone app.

There’s also a new mobile app coming to iOS and Android that brings new “Pokémon” battle experiences to trainers called “Pokémon Masters.” In this app, players can have the chance to fight alongside famous trainers from the franchise.

And lastly, a new “Detective Pikachu” game is coming to Nintendo Switch that ties up the story of the original game released in Nintendo 3DS. No other information has been revealed for this installment.

Featured image via Twitter / Pokemon

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