Who’s that Pokémon? It’s… a Mini Cooper?

  • Pokémon and Mini Cooper unveiled a Pokémon-inspired car during the Opening Night Live event at the Gamescon video game trade fair on Tuesday.
  • The Mini Concept Aceman car has a digital dashboard with Pikachu on it, electric bolt animations that light up when the car starts and a “Mini x Pokémon” display that illuminates when the doors open.
  • Head of Mini design Oliver Heilmer said consoles could be connected to the car to play games as well.

Mini Cooper’s new concept car, an electric Pokémon-model hatchback, was unveiled during the Gamescom video game trade fair on Tuesday. 

The special Pikachu-inspired Mini Concept Aceman car comes with a digital dashboard that features the beloved yellow mouse. When the car starts, animated electric bolts light up the dashboard. The visuals spill off of the main display and onto the textile surface of the dashboard and doors via the concept cabin’s “moving image projections.” Animated pixelated lights are also on the front lights on the bumper. Meanwhile, puddle light projectors shine Mini x Pokemon iconography onto the ground around the car. 

Head of Mini Design Oliver Heilmer said at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event that the car has connection compatibility with a gaming console, but it is not known if that means one could play something on, say, a Nintendo Switch as the car is turned on. If that is the case, playing the upcoming “Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet” games when they drop on Nov. 18 would be a fitting pairing. 

Heilmer adds that the official motto of the collaboration is “Play on. Never stop playing.” That motto could also be used for the skilled competitive players during the Pokémon World Championships last week. 

In other recent Pokémon news, Pokémon cards are back at McDonald’s. Clarks Originals and  Squishmallows have also recently collaborated with the franchise.

Feature Image via: MINI

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