YouTubers Nearly Scammed Into Buying $375K Fake First Edition Pokémon Box Set

Pokémon cards

A group of YouTubers belonging to the investment collective Dumb Money nearly purchased a set of counterfeit Pokémon cards.


Not what they’re expecting: YouTuber vloggers Chris Camillo, Dave Hanson and Jordan Mclain almost spent $375,000 on what supposedly was a first edition card set but turned out to be fake, VICE reports.

  • Dumb Money discovered the forgery during a live broadcast of the box set opening.
  • The set was from Jake Greenbaum, AKA the “Collectables Guru,” Logan Paul’s personal Pokémon consultant, according to HypeBeaast.
  • Greenbaum who reportedly purchased the box for $155,000, was in the video to facilitate the live unboxing.
  • YouTuber Leonhart was also in attendance to help verify the authenticity of the set.
  • Had the unboxing been a success, it would have been “the most expensive transaction in Pokémon history,” Dumb Money claimed.
  • It was 35 minutes into the video where they noticed that instead of sealed first-edition packs, the packs were already open, containing random worthless cards.

Second transaction: On Friday, Dumb Money broadcasted another unboxing video with a replacement box from Greenbaum, who said he was scammed by a seller he did not name. 

  • According to Greenbaum, the seller has since offered a refund and already provided $80,000 and checks dating out for the next two months. 
  • The $375,000 purchase was then completed live, making it the most expensive Pokémon box ever.


Feature Image via Dumb Money LIVE 

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