Gotta wear ’em all: Pokémon and Amazon team up to launch T-shirt subscription box

amazon pokemon
Image: Amazon; Netflix After School
  • Amazon has listed an official Pokémon T-shirt subscription box collaboration on their site, offering subscribers different Pokémon-themed cotton shirts delivered each month.
  • The subscription, which, according to Amazon, is “created and curated by Pokémon,” is being offered at $19.99 a box to anyone in the U.S. in youth, men and women sizes.
  • Mystery subscription boxes aren’t new for Amazon, which carries similar offers for products ranging from beauty, food, children’s toys and pet items.
  • It is unclear if the designs will feature anything from the “Legends Arceus” games or the highly-anticipated “Scarlet and Violet” games coming in late 2022.

Amazon is now offering subscriptions for its Pokémon T-Shirt Club, which will provide subscribers with a different Pokémon-themed cotton shirt delivered each month. 

The shirts are available to anyone in the U.S. at $19.99 a box with free shipping and come in different sizes for youth, men and women. While customers can choose their preferred size, there is no customer option to choose the base colors of their shirts as their colors are “selected by Pokémon” to best complement the different designs.

The designs for the shirts, which, according to Amazon, is “created and curated by Pokémon, have yet to be revealed, with the current product image featuring a Pokémon logo, most likely meant to be a placeholder. 

According to Amazon’s description page for the subscription, customers can skip a month, cancel the subscription at any point or send a shirt back if they decide they don’t like the design for that month.

Amazon offers a wide selection of other subscription mystery box products with products ranging from beauty to food to children’s toys to pet items. Other T-shirt subscription boxes currently available include ones centered around Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics. On other hand, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you can master tactics such as the Ways To Market Your Subscription Box.

With the new main series “Pokémon” games not expected to be released until late 2022, only time will tell if the T-shirt designs will feature any of the newest Pokémon in the franchise or from “Legends Arceus.”

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