Good Samaritan intervenes during armed robbery shooting in Oakland Chinatown

Two people were rushed to the hospital following a robbery-turned-shooting in one of Oakland Chinatown’s busiest shopping areas.

What happened: A pair of robbers wearing ski masks jumped out of a vehicle in the middle of the day to grab the purses of two women near the corner of Franklin St. and 8th, according to ABC7 News.


  • The boyfriend of one of the women was defending her and her belongings but was pistol-whipped in the attempt.
  • A Good Samaritan walking by reportedly rushed to the victims’ aid and struggled with the suspects. The unidentified robbers then pulled out a gun and fired two shots at him.

  • The two suspects fled in a silver sedan, leaving the bystander and the pistol-whipped man behind.
  • Both victims are expected to make a full recovery, KRON4 reported.
  • “I could not believe it because, at that time — I believe it’s 2 p.m. — [the area] must have hundreds of people!” Barry Szeto, a Chinatown resident and property owner, told KPIX5.

Other details: Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce President Carl Chan warned residents to be careful when going out in the city.

  • “Anyone walking down the street could be potentially a victim of crime,” Chan said. “When criminals are seeing there are no or very little consequences when they are committing crimes they will continue to do what they do.”
  • Chan contacted the gunshot victim’s family and said they are “devastated and they need some time.”

Featured Image via KPIX CBS SF Bay Area

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