Oakland Man Robbed at Gunpoint With Semi-Automatic Weapons in Broad Daylight

oakland robbery

Armed suspects robbed a home in the Fruitvale/Central area of Oakland in broad daylight.

Two masked robbers with semi-automatic guns stole from a resident in Oakland on Jan. 29 at around 1:40 p.m., according to ABC7 News.

The entire robbery was caught on camera. In the surveillance video, the resident is seen using a laptop and a cell phone.

One of the armed suspects approaches the resident first, and the other suspect appears to say, “Get down.”

The resident is threatened as he is forced into his home, but no injuries were reported after the robbery.

The suspects took money, a cell phone and three firearms.

The Oakland Police Department is conducting an investigation to identify the robbers. Anyone with information is encouraged to call 510-238-3326.

Feature Image via Dion Lim (left, right)

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