Non-Asian Woman Wearing Qipao to Prom Sparks MASSIVE Cultural Appropriation Debate on Twitter

A Twitter user sparked a heated debate online after posting images of herself wearing a traditional Chinese dress to prom.

The woman wore the tight-fitting stylish dress known as Cheongsam or Qipao on her prom night and posted the images on her Twitter account @daumkeziah.

Her post soon became viral with thousands of likes and retweets, earning criticisms from netizens who found her choice of attire a form of cultural appropriation. Some Twitter users even went as far as labeling it as racism.

She has since addressed the criticisms and dismissed the negative reactions by saying she was simply appreciating Chinese culture. She also found nothing wrong since she was merely wearing “a f***ing dress.”

However, many have pointed out the problem in dismissing a country’s cultural clothing as “just a dress”.

Some also took an issue with the pose she and her friends made:

There were also those who defended Daum’s prom dress, pointing out that her critics were merely being sensitive about something that is, for them, a non-issue.

Popular Asian American YouTuber Gina Darling also weighed in on the issue on her Twitter account @MissGinaDarling, saying that instead of being offended, she appreciated that others find her culture beautiful.

However, Twitter user @asianpocunite disagreed.


Meanwhile, Twitter user @patriciaah_1 explained how, despite having the noblest intentions, wearing “cultural” clothing can still be problematic:

NextShark has reached out to the woman for comment and will update accordingly.

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