Barista Reveals How to Get ‘Milk Tea’ and a ‘White Rabbit Frap’ at Starbucks


Thanks to one creative barista, you can to order “milk tea” at your local Starbucks.

While at work, Christy Lee, who is based in Toronto, experimented on syrups and developed Asian-inspired drinks that will likely be our next obsession.

“I work as a barista for Starbucks. I noticed the trend for milk tea and White Rabbit candy so I just experimented with the syrups,” Lee told NextShark.

This week, she created four different recipes: “Milk Tea,” “Milk Tea Frap,” “White Rabbit Candy Frap” and “Thai Iced Tea.”

Check them out:

1. Milk Tea

  • Black Iced Tea with no extra water
  • No liquid cane sugar (LCS)
  • Sub Classic Syrup
  • Splash of cream

2. Milk Tea Frap

  • Syrup Creme Frap
  • Black sesame sauce
    Tall – one pump
    Grande – two pumps
    Venti – three pumps
  • Black tea powder
    Tall – two scoops
    Grande – three scoops
    Venti – four scoops

3. White Rabbit Candy Frap

  • Syrup Creme Frap
  • Brown butter shortbread sauce
    Tall/Grande – two pumps
    Venti – three pumps

4. Thai Iced Tea

  • Black Iced Tea with no extra water
  • No LCS
  • Sub brown butter shortbread sauce
    Tall – two pumps
    Grande – three pumps
    Venti – four pumps

The secret recipes can be ordered as long as Starbucks has the ingredients, Lee said. So far, the White Rabbit Candy Frap appears to be the most popular.

“Currently, it looks like the White Rabbit candy is the most popular mix. My friend actually ordered it today and said it tastes like it!” she said.

Personally, she prefers her Milk Tea Frap.

“I think the Milk Tea Frap that I made today would be my go-to if I’m craving bubble tea because it’s really similar to a milk tea smoothie.”

Lee also runs an Instagram food page @whatthechristy.

For now, Lee is busy developing a fifth Asian drink — and we’re thrilled to see what she comes up with.

“We just launched a new drink today with black sesame, so I’m trying to recreate one that tastes like black sesame ice cream.”

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