California Realtor Loses Job After Racist Video Harassing Asian Woman Goes Viral

A real estate agent from the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles was fired recently after a video of him hurling racist comments at an Asian woman surfaced online. 

What happened: On Wednesday, a social media user who goes by “Em” shared the video in a now-deleted tweet.

  • At around 5 p.m., Em claimed she walked down her street near Montana Avenue and Bundy Drive.
  • She felt threatened by a man accompanied by two large dogs.
  • According to Em, she, “stopped to look at [her] phone when this man came out of his home & verbally assaulted [her].” She noted that he did not wear a face mask.
  • As Em backed away from the man, he continues to approach her as seen in the video.
  • Em claimed she was ignored when she asked for help from someone walking nearby.
  • She recorded the man as he said, “No one’s going to pay attention to you, ’cause you’re dumb, and you’re a stupid blue Asian-haired girl.”
  • He then held up his middle finger to her and swore at her.


Unprofessional behavior: The verbal assaulter, who has been identified as Michael “Mike” Dalcin, was recently fired, according to Patch.

  • Beach City Brokers, a Redondo Beach real estate agency based in Brentwood, let go of Dalcin after the viral video was brought to its attention.
  • The company posted on its Facebook page about the video, stating that, “We have become aware of a video circulating on social media that involves a new agent we recently hired… Effective immediately, Mike Dalcin has been removed as an agent from our office and is no longer an agent at our Company.”

  • “Beach City Brokers insist and will always maintain a high standard of integrity and ethics and will not tolerate racism or any other unprofessional behavior.”

Final words: Before her account disappeared from Twitter recently, Em shared her thoughts on the incident.

  • “I have lived in this city my entire life and have never felt threatened in the way I did today. This man singled me out bc I was an Asian girl walking by myself and took advantage. We need to hold bigots like these accountable.”

Feature Image via Shoaib Creation’s

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