Michelle Phan Returns to YouTube After a 2-Year Break

Beauty vlogger Michelle Phan is finally back on YouTube after a two-year hiatus and many of her fans on Twitter could not contain their excitement.

On Sunday, the 32-year-old YouTube star surprised all of her fans when she posted a three-minute video titled “Hello” with a smiley face accompanied by a caption “I missed you” on her YouTube channel.


The same video was also shared on Phan’s Twitter page, where the official YouTube Twitter account also welcomed her back to the beauty community.

Many from the community on YouTube looked up to Phan as the creator of the genre.

Phan started her YouTube career when the platform was still fairly new on the internet. She began posting beauty-related vlogs on YouTube in 2007 and was later known for her transformative beauty tutorials, according to Elle.

After going on a one-year hiatus, the YouTube star and owner of Em Cosmetics explained in June 2017 the reason she left.


Two years after her last video, her fans expressed how glad they were when she resurfaced with the video to show what her typical morning is like.

Featured Image via Instagram / michellephan

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