Meet the Korean ‘Mukbang’ YouTuber Famous For Stuffing Herself on Camera

Nado, a Korean YouTuber, is apparently unlike many other mukbang eaters out there.

For the uninitiated, mukbang, the portmanteau that combines the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast,” is an internet craze that basically lets viewers ogle at performers consuming unusually large quantities of food. It has also been called “gastronomic voyeurism.”

There is so much hype over the monetizable trend that some performers, in an obvious attempt to win more views, would eat astronomical amounts of food in very short periods and burn their mouths with insanely spicy meals, among other gimmicks.

Nado, however, sets herself apart by eating slowly and taking her audience into a virtual restaurant journey as she describes her eating experience in detail.

But this YouTuber is also a good cook, Korea Daily said, as she often begins her videos by sharing her recipes and showing how to prepare them.

So far, Nado has gained at least 125,000 followers, and that’s not bad for someone who started uploading only last year!

Korea Daily reported that she aspires to become just like celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and at the rate of what she’s doing, nothing’s really impossible.

Check out one of her more recent videos:

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