McDonald’s Japan Accidently Makes Ridiculously Inappropriate Cup Designs


McDonald’s is currently trending on Japanese Twitter for their cute McFizz cup design, however, some people have interpreted the design to be more suggestive than it initially appears. 

The clear cup displays an image of a man and woman placed on opposite sides of the cups. Once you’ve finished your drink and rotated the cup, you’ll see a rather sweet picture of the young sweethearts kissing.


While this image is intended to be sweet and warm, viewing the picture from a different angle shows the couple engaging in more suggestive acts.

According to SoraNews24, if viewed from a perpendicular angle, the cup shows the couple performing what looks like oral sex.

In another angle, the man is shown thrusting behind the woman.

Then there’s also this angle where it appears they are much smaller, and perhaps younger than the other person.

McDonald’s has yet to address the controversial cups that many have found to be quite humorous.

Featured image via Twitter / mao_kila

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