Man Proposes to the Love of His Life, Gets Rejected Because His Ring is Too Small

Everyone loves an elaborate wedding proposal.  All the effort, love, preparation, extravagance and participation of everyone involved is such a spectacle. It’s all romance and happiness all around. Unless of course, the proposal gets turned down.

Such is the case of one Chinese man’s elaborate wedding proposal that ended up a disaster when his girlfriend rejected him after seeing the ring. According to a report from Shanghaiist, the lady turned down the proposal because she was disappointed that the engagement ring was less than one carat in the size she was expecting.

She immediately turned around and left the scene without saying a word after seeing that the ring was not big enough.

A WeChat conversation leaked online, allegedly between the lady and a friend, sheds some more information on her reaction.

The girlfriend said:

“But he agreed to buy me a diamond ring as large as one carat. Why was this one so small? Is he so careless or has he ever cared about me?”

Her friend replied:

“Don’t worry. Perhaps the bigger one will be waiting for you later or he hasn’t prepared it this time.”

While the unidentified man from Sichuan was rejected, odds are he dodged a major bullet.

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