Someone Else Tried the ‘One Punch Man Workout Challenge’ and Broke His Ankle

One Punch Man

A Malaysian man found out the hard way that the “One Punch Man Workout Challenge” is not as easy as it appears.

In the hopes that this challenge could benefit his health – and possibly make him as ripped as Saitama, the lead of the hit anime/manga “One Punch Man” – Twitter user Aweeff’s friend did the workout challenge, but after a couple of months, he was forced to stop.

My office mate dropped his weight from 78kg to 65kg in two months’ time doing the One Punch Man workout challenge. Unfortunately, he had to take a break for eight weeks after fracturing his ankle,” the Twitter user said in the post, as translated by World of Buzz.

“This type of workout is very intensive because you have to do it every day. I just want to say: know your body’s limit and don’t simply do it (without proper guidance).”

To those who are unaware, the challenge requires the person to do a specific routine and follow it daily. It consists of: 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) run.

This routine is the same as the routine that One Punch Man main character Saitama did to become the strongest human being in the universe – or at least in the show’s universe.

While the workout may fail for some, others have still found great success in taking it on. A Singaporean man recently shared the fruits of his labor after he successfully following the same regimen for 30 days.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / AnimeLab

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