Lucky VIPs Saw ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Last Night and Here’s The Verdict

“Crazy Rich Asians” is set for release this coming August 17 and we can’t possibly wait any longer to see a mainstream film with an All-Asian cast in 25 years since the “Joy Luck Club”. 

However, many lucky individuals were invited last night for an advanced screening of the film, courtesy of Warner Brothers.

The screening was attended by the lead cast members including Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Gemma Chan, Jimmy O. Yang, Awkwafina, and Nico Santos.

Journalist Jeff Yang documented some of the notable things the cast members said while they were on stage.

So how was the film, you ask? It looks like early reactions to the film have been overwhelmingly positive, with many influencer in the Asian community excited and ready to get behind it.


Needless to say, it looks like this has only gotten us more excited than ever for the official release. August 17 cannot come soon enough! Watch the trailer below.

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