LOONA fans voice concern over health of several members missing tour performances

  • Fans of K-pop girl group LOONA are calling out label BlockBerry Creative and tour promoters MyMusicTaste after several members dropped out of performances during their world tour.
  • LOONA’s tour in North America consisted of 14 shows across 13 cities in less than a month, including an additional performance at KCON LA 2022.
  • Jinsoul was absent during their Washington, D.C., show because of aches, while youngest member Yeojin sat out of their Atlanta show and fainted on stage in Mexico City. Choerry and Hyeju were absent in Mexico City because of various health issues, and leader Haseul has been performing in a sling for their last four shows.
  • They have now returned to Korea and will soon leave for the European leg of their tour starting on Sept. 6, but they lost their luggage during a layover in Canada, which held clothes, earpieces and mics.

K-pop girl group LOONA has had various mishaps on their first world tour, “Loonatheworld,” and fans are growing concerned for the members’ health after several missed concert performances.

LOONA’s label BlockBerry Creative and tour promoters MyMusicTaste announced the tour in June with the caveat that member Chuu would not participate due to health reasons, although fans claim poor management and mistreatment of Chuu as the real reason for her absence. 

In less than a month, LOONA has completed 14 shows in 13 cities, including performances at KCON LA 2022 earlier this month. The tight schedule made LOONA’s fans, Orbits, weary before the tour had even begun, with many hoping the members would be given adequate break times for sleeping and eating. 

While not a health incident, the first trouble came when member Kim Lip walked off stage in tears during their Chicago set due to incessant interruptions from audience members when she was trying to speak. Member Jinsoul was absent form their Aug. 17 show in Washington, D.C., because of health reasons. Youngest member Youjin missed their Aug. 23 Atlanta show because of body aches. During their Houston show on Aug. 26, Choerry also complained about aches and cold symptoms and Hyeju left mid-show due to hip problems. Netizens pointed out Yeojin had a brace on her ankle, and leader Haseul was performing in a sling, which she has had since the Atlanta and Dallas shows, but no reason for the condition has been given.    

Having wrapped up the U.S. leg of their tour, LOONA headed to Mexico City, but Hyeju and Choerry sat out because of their poor physical conditions, marking Choerry’s third absence. At the Mexico City show on Aug. 28, Yeojin fainted on stage. Seven out of the 11 touring members performed.

Blockberry Creative issued a statement about Yeojin’s collapse on Tuesday attributing the incident to the change in altitude. The same issue occurred only two weeks ago with (G)I-DLE member Shuhua collapsing at the same venue mid-show during their “Just Me ( )I-dle” world tour.

The label’s statement read, “Member Yeojin had a temporary breathing problem right after performing choreography in Mexico City, which is a mountainous area,” adding that she “is in a stable condition after receiving treatment from the on-site medical staff.”

With the conclusion of the North American portion of their tour, LOONA will soon venture to Europe, starting with Warsaw, Poland, on Sept. 6, but some fans are worried that touring so soon would exacerbate the members’ already waning health. The Europe total will span five cities in 10 days.

Additionally, the members have returned to Korea, but their luggage was lost in Canada during their layover. The luggage included clothes, earpieces and mics, which according to managers, may be lost for good.  


Feature Image via Blockberry Creative

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