LOONA’s Chuu expelled from group over ‘violent language and misuse of power’

  • Management agency Blockberry Creative announced LOONA member Chuu’s removal from the group on Friday, alleging “violent language and misuse of power” to staff as core reasons.
  • Blockberry Creative made the announcement on LOONA’s fan cafe, adding that “the members have not revealed their position because they are concerned about the development of the team and the fans' concerns.”
  • Chuu’s removal comes not long after the idol sued BlockBerry Creative to terminate her contract and various claims of mistreatment.
  • She was part of LOONA’s pre-debut launch, released her own solo album in 2017 and was part of the group’s official debut in August 2018.

LOONA’s Chuu has been kicked out of the group by management label BlockBerry Creative, with the company alleging “violent language” and “misuse of power.” 

Blockberry Creative announced on LOONA’s fan cafe on Friday that Chuu was “expelled and withdrawn” on Nov. 25, citing an “abuse of power” and “abusive language” to staff as factors for her removal. 

The statement read: “There have been many stories related to Chuu this year, but the company and the members have not revealed their position because they are concerned about the development of the team and the fans’ concerns … We officially apologize to the staff who were greatly hurt by this incident. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the fans who have loved and supported LOONA and for not being able to keep the 12 members together until the end.”

The post continued: “The agency and LOONA will return to our roots and work as hard as possible so an incident like this never happens again in the future no matter what … The agency and the LOONA members will act with respect and gratitude toward all of the staff who work with us. The agency will do everything possible to give back for the staff’s sacrifices and devotion so something like this never happens again.”

Prior to this development, Chuu was recently embroiled in a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative to terminate her contract in March. The idol was not a part of LOONA’s world tour, which itself was the subject of accusations that Blackberry was not prioritizing members’ health.

Previous reports accuse Blockberry Creative of mistreating Chuu, such as not allowing a manager to assist her with activities to Chuu having to call and arrange her own transportation for events. Fans have in the past also demanded clearer explanations from Blockberry Creative regarding Chuu’s absences from slated activities.

Additionally, LOONA member Yeojin claimed she had not been paid since their debut in August 2018.  

Chuu debuted as a founding member in LOONA in 2017. As with all the other members, she had her own pre-debut, a self-titled single album released in December 2017 with the tracks “Heart Attack” and “Girl’s Talk.” She then debuted with LOONA in 2018 with their album “[+ +].”

Reactions online to the news of Chuu’s removal have been incendiary toward Blockberry Creative. 

Feature Image via loonatheworld

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