CNN Host Lisa Ling Reveals the Hateful Messages She’s Received Because of COVID-19

Lisa Ling

Award-winning journalist and CNN host Lisa Ling is one of the many Asians being targeted for racially charged attacks and hate speech, not only on the streets but also online in the form of cyberbullying due to COVID-19 fears.


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In an Instagram post, some of Ling’s followers suggested that she ignore the comments. Ling addressed the issue stating that despite the fact that all she received were online taunts, “one wished harm on [her] children.”

As a mother of two, she acknowledged the harm that had already been inflicted on Asians, including children. Ling told NextShark that she felt compelled to speak out because it is “abhorrent and ignorant” to physically attack people and children “for no other reason than being Asian.”

And as much as she didn’t want to be put in the spotlight, she stated, “when I see people who look like me being attacked just because of their ethnicity, I can’t be silent.”

Especially when the FBI, along with Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.), who also chairs the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), predicted and confirmed the surge in hate crimes and attacks against Asian Americans.

Ling posted screenshots of a few of the derogatory messages she received to her Twitter and Facebook pages.

In her Facebook post, an illogical hate comment was made with the assumption that Ling would be happier running off to China and living there. Her caption wrote, “I have expressed no affection whatsoever for the government of China and even said their attempts to cover up the crisis are indefensible, I still get messages like this.”

“To conflate the Chinese government with Asian people is truly just ignorant,” she told NextShark. “The Chinese government has a lot of answering to do. But COVID-19 is ravaging parts of America now and is in every state. People of every ethnic group have gotten infected and succumbed to it. It scares me that people who look like me are being targeted and I hope people make the distinction between an authoritarian government and Asian people.”

Ling revealed to NextShark that she feels that it is easy to lay blame when one feels like they are under threat and that people who are scared and angry want to lash out at someone or something.

“But I would be lying, however, if I didn’t say that I have never felt my Asian-ness or more specifically, my Chinese-ness more than I do now,” she continued.

Ling’s case is one of too many. There has been a 900% increase in cyberbullying of Asians from COVID-19, which can be seen in the recent rise of “Zoombombing,” such as in the cases of San Diego State University‘s Asian student group and an Asian queer chef’s cooking class.

Ling’s supporters have since come to her defense to condemn the blind anger and ignorance from the trolls.

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