Lil Tay’s Brother EXPOSED As the Mastermind Behind Her Loud-Mouthed Persona

In a matter of a few months, Lil Tay has propelled herself to viral fame and over 2 million followers for her profanity-filled videos on Instagram.

Diomi Cordero, the family’s representative, revealed that Jason Tian, Lil Tay’s 16-year-old brother, is the “mastermind” behind Lil Tay.

“It’s like Jake Paul and Logan Paul,” Cordero said.

YouTuber NessGod released a seven minute exposé on the purported mastermind, detailing his journey from obscurity to infamy. Apparently, Jason, under the pseudonym “Rycie,” used to create rap videos and diss tracks, but the lyrics left something to be desired.

Perhaps knowing his limits, Jason deleted his videos, and his channel went dark. Out of the ashes, however, rose his new project. With his coaching and her acting, the duo achieved the fame Jason couldn’t attain on his own through their creation: Lil Tay.

Angela Tian, the pair’s mother, told BuzzFeed in April about her son and daughter’s relationship.

“He is the one, only one [who] did an excellent job for her, he guided her, did everything for her without anybody else involved,” Tian said.

Recently, two video clips surfaced online showing Jason appearing to coach his sister on what to say.

In another video currently circulating, someone can be clearly heard encouraging Lil Tay to yell out profanities to the camera.

Since the footage leaked, people on Twitter have sounded off with their thoughts.

However, during an exclusive interview with ABC News, Lil Tay denied being coached by someone else in her videos.

“It’s all me.” She said.

Featured Image via YouTube / NessGod

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