‘Who said you can have a child?’: Man filmed berating mother for crying child on 1-hour flight

korean man curses at mother on plane
  • On a one-hour flight from Seoul to Jeju in South Korea, a man in his 40s was captured verbally accosting a mother for her crying child.
  • A viral video of the incident, which occurred on Tuesday, shows the man swearing and criticizing the woman for being unable to “educate” her child.
  • The man continued to chastise the woman while the flight attendant tried to calm him down and get him to return to his seat.
  • Police arrested the man after the plane landed in Jeju.

A viral video shows a Korean man in his 40s verbally abusing a mother for her crying child during a one-hour flight from Seoul to Jeju. 

Around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, the male passenger in his 40s began berating a mother on an Air Busan flight from Gimpo Airport, located in Seoul, to Jeju-do, South Korea’s largest island.

The man tells the mother that she should not have a child if she is unable to “educate” them. He curses throughout the rant, and at one point appears to take off his mask. 

“Bitch, who said you can have a child,” the man tells the mother. “You should apologize, bitch. Cursing at your child is sh*tty but me being bothered [by the child’s crying] is OK? Is it OK for an adult to be bothered?” 

The mother then apologizes in response.

As a flight attendant attempts to calm the man down and take him back to his seat, the man continues to swear at the mother. 

“Should I just f*cking die here then, huh?” the man appears to tell the mother.

After the plane landed in Jeju, the man was apprehended by police. 

The man is reportedly under investigation for possible violations of aviation laws and may be sentenced to up to three years in prison or fined for up to 30 million won (approximately $22,882).


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