SF Korean BBQ Restaurant Faces ‘Dine and Dash’ Customers Two Nights in a Row

Korean BBQ

A Korean BBQ restaurant had its second “dine and dash” incident on Sunday night in San Francisco.

What happened: Customers at K-Elements BBQ were caught on surveillance video walking away without paying for their meal, KPIX 5 reported.

  • The group of four left the restaurant as their server went to get the bill, totaling around $150.
  • This is the second consecutive day customers left the restaurant without paying.
  • The three women from K-Elements BBQ’s first “dine and dash” incident owe the restaurant around $100.

More details: Co-owners Alfred Lee and Tony Lau have lost money from receiving food delivery refunds and investing in surveillance cameras to protect their business. They are encouraging other businesses to report similar “dine and dash” incidents to the authorities.

  • K-Elements BBQ is currently open four days a week following its extended closure during the start of the pandemic.
  • There have been other incidents of Asian businesses being targeted in San Francisco resulting in costly effects and near closure.
  • “Especially right now, food costs have been rising. I mean the profit margin is definitely lower than what we had before, so every single one counts right now,” Lau said.

Following the third robbery in March, Ken Zhu, owner of Ushi Taro Ramen, considered closing its doors permanently.

Feature Image via KPIX CBS SF Bay Area 

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