‘Park Ranger Karen’ Scolds Asian Family for Bringing Their Dog, Says They Can’t Be in the US

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An Asian American family has exposed a White woman who told them that they cannot be in the U.S. for “breaking the law.”

The incident, which was caught on video, took place on a hiking trail in Northern California’s Marin County over the weekend.


According to the family, everything was “fun and friendly” until they crossed paths with the woman, who took issue with the fact that they had brought their dog with them.

“Along the hike, we saw several other hikers with their dogs. Everything was fun and friendly. People were saying ‘hello’ and practicing social distancing by letting others pass when we crossed paths,” the father wrote in their YouTube post.

The family descends the trail. Image Screenshot via Superduper koolguy

As they headed back to their car, the family came across the woman and her husband, who were coming up the trail.

“We stepped off to the side to let them pass. The husband passed, but the lady just stood there,” the father said. “So we continued walking.”

The woman blocks the family on their way. Image Screenshot via Superduper koolguy

To their surprise, the woman “aggressively” blocked their 11-year-old daughter — who was in front holding their dog on a leash — and started lecturing them about breaking the law.

In the video of the encounter, the woman can be heard telling the family: “You guys, you can’t be in this country.”

The woman, who identifies as “Beth,” appears startled after realizing she is on video. Image Screenshot via Superduper koolguy

When the family questioned her remark, the woman replied, “You guys are just breaking the law.”

She then proceeded to call the police, but it’s unclear if she actually managed to do so considering their location.

“Beth” covers her face before walking away. Image Screenshot via Superduper koolguy

Shortly after, the woman identified herself as “Beth” and walked away.

“Well you guys saw that right?” the father says in the video. “She said we can’t be in this country breaking laws, even though I was born here, even though my parents were born here. But we don’t look like her so she thinks we’re not from around here.”

A sign on the trail shows that the family did not violate the rule regarding pets. Image Screenshot via Superduper koolguy

The video ends with a photo of a sign showing that pets on the trail must be on a leash. This means that the family did not break any rule.

YouTube users slammed the woman for her aggression, hostility and apparent racism. They also praised the mother of the family for standing up and telling her to “look at your heritage and go back to where it came from.”

Feature Image Screenshots via Superduper koolguy

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