K-Pop Star Sparks Outrage After Posting Disrespectful Instagram Post in Japan

A former member of South Korean super girl group 2NE1 has caused a massive stir online after posting a controversial photo on Instagram.


In the Instagram post, singer/songwriter Lee Chae-rin, popularly known by her stage name CL, shared a photo of her riding a taxi in Japan.

The image showed CL with her boots raised up, placed very close to the driver’s head.

While the photo has since been removed, some netizens have gone to CL’s other Instagram posts to air their dismay about the issue.


Comments from netizens were quick to point out that it was rude for her to do so:

“It looks so impolite”, “This was wrong of her”, and “Who cares if you have money, you have to be a person first” were among the negative responses she received, according to allkpop.


A photo posted by CL (@chaelincl) on

CL’s fans, however, were there to defend her:

“Did she have her feet up the entire ride!??! Nah. Pls don’t come after me. You all will find every flaw with a person why don’t you check yourself in the f******  mirror and look back at the stuff you done before commenting okay. Y’all have nothing better to do and it’s sad lol get a life and stop finding something wrong in everything,” wrote one fan.

A photo posted by CL (@chaelincl) on

CL was the leader, rapper, and vocalist of the popular K-pop group 2NE1 until it officially disbanded last November. Dubbed by TIME as the “future of Kpop in America”, CL is now making waves as a solo artist, having wrapped up her first North American tour late last year.

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