‘MARRY ME’: K-pop power couple HyunA, Dawn officially engaged

HyunA DAWN engaged
  • Former Wonder Girls and 4Minute member HyunA and former Pentagon member Dawn officially confirmed their engagement in two Instagram posts on Thursday.
  • The K-pop power couple, who were both labelmates at Cube Entertainment before joining Psy’s P Nation in 2018, have been dating since 2016.

K-pop power couple HyunA and Dawn recently confirmed their engagement via Instagram. 

The two celebrities showcased their matching engagement rings on Thursday, with Dawn, whose real name is Kim Hyo-jong, teasing his followers with an Instagram video and a caption that read, “MARRY ME.” His post has over 1.1 million likes, as of this writing.


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HyunA posted her response in her own Instagram video with a caption that read, “당연히 Yes지.” (“Of course it’s a yes.”)


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And just like that, the internet exploded. Many fans took to Twitter to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

One user claimed that HyunA and Dawn “gave the biggest middle finger” to the K-pop industry by getting engaged. 

In 2018, HyunA had a back-and-forth public battle with her former label, Cube Entertainment, after announcing her relationship status with Dawn, who was also her labelmate.

Lee Jong-im, a researcher at the Center for Culture & Society, explained that dating life is a taboo topic in the K-pop industry, especially for trainees who have allegedly been “conditioned to refrain from (dating) in order to succeed.”

Some trainees want to keep an impeccable private life and have nothing get in the way of their success while others complain about having their private life micromanaged, such as with dating,” Lee said.

HyunA and Dawn, who have been dating since 2016, eventually left Cube Entertainment to join Psy’s company, P Nation. The couple released their joint EP “1+1=1” in September 2021.

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