K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher nab their first music show win since their 2017 debut

  • After waiting 1,924 days, K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher has finally won their first music show award since their debut in 2017.
  • The supernatural rock and pop group won for their comeback track “Maison,” a song about fighting climate change.
  • The song is off of their newest album “Apocalypse: Save Us,” which also broke records when Dreamcatcher became the fifth K-pop girl group to hit No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes Top Albums Chart.
  • All seven group members were in tears during their acceptance speech after finally reaching the new milestone.
  • Their win went viral on Twitter with over 200,000 #Dreamcatcherfirstwin posts.

K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher took home their first music show win this week on “Show Champion” for their newest comeback track “Maison.” 

The win was extra special for Dreamcatcher fans, called “InSomnia,” who waited 1,924 days for the moment since the group’s debut in 2017 with a beginner cello.  

Not uncommon with music show wins, the group members were all in tears as leader JiU took the mic to give their victory speech. The group later took to their official Twitter to share their thanks. 

Woah…!! 1st place! Everyone in the world, we are 1st on #ShowChampion! I couldn’t express everything because I was crying, but thank you so much. It’s just the beginning, so please continue to support us. I love you!”

The other contenders for the music show prize included Big Bang for “Still Life,” DKZ (formerly Dongkiz) for “Cupid,” Ive for “Love Dive” and Onew of Shinee for “Dice.”

“Maison,” off of their newest album “Apocalypse: Save Us,” tackles the importance of fighting climate change and saving the environment. The album also helped the supernatural-themed rock-, punk- and pop-inspired group become the fifth K-pop girl group in history to hit the top spot on the U.S. iTunes Top Albums Chart, an achievement shared with Red Velvet, Twice, Blackpink and Loona. 

Less than a day after its release, the album went to No. 1 in over 20 countries including the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Peru, Sweden, Spain and Vietnam. 

After the group’s music show win, the hashtag #Dreamcatcher1stWin had over 200,000 tweets.

One fan @DeukaeIndia pointed out that “Maison” could be an anagram of Somnia, “It was meant to be, Somnia, it was written in the cards!” they wrote on Twitter.

Another fan, @minjiubinnie, went out for Korean food with friends to celebrate the milestone. 

User @onlybboya calculated it took 1,924 days since the group’s debut to finally win. 

That calculation would mean the group is now the girl group with the longest time between their debut and an ultimate music show win, a record previously held by the now-disbanded group CLC at 1,427 days between their debut in 2015 and their win for the song “Me” in 2019. 

Congratulations, Dreamcatcher and InSomnia. Continue to “Fly High.” 


Featured Image via Dreamcatcher Official

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