Meet The Extremely Hot Doctor Who Will Give You an Incurable Case Of Yellow Fever

Editors Note: Part-time model Joey Kim is not a graduated doctor, as we originally reported, but is a student doctor until he graduates. We’ve changed the article to reflect this.

Meet Joey Kiho Kim.

Actually, that’s Student-Doctor Kim.

Like seriously, this extremely hot guy is an actual doctor (in training, that is).

A real life Doctor McDreamy.

Like a full 6′ 2″ of holistic hotness.

I would systematically break every single bone in my body just to have him as my attending physician.

“Hi yes, I’m here for my full physical?”

“You don’t take my insurance? Will you take me instead?”

“So I take two of these and you call me in the morning…please?”

“Maybe we go back to my place and practice some…alternative medicine 😉”

I mean, I don’t even need stirrups tbh.

“Wanna do your residency in my bedroom?”

*incoherent screaming*

It’s like I coded and went to heaven.

What do you think? Is this the hottest doctor alive or do you have a Yellow Fever vaccine? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image via Instagram / joeykihokim

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