Korean American rapper Jessi departs Psy label P Nation after 3 years

  • Psy’s label P Nation issued a statement on Wednesday saying their first signed artist, Korean American rapper Jessi, would be leaving their agency.
  • P Nation expressed their gratitude to Jessi and her fans and explained that her contract has expired after three years with the label.
  • During her time with P Nation, Jessi released hits such as “Zoom,” “What Type Of X” and “Nunu Nana.”
  • Jessi debuted in 2005 under the stage name Jessica H.O. with her album “Get Up.”

Korean American rapper Jessi has departed from Psy’s label P Nation after three years with the agency.

P Nation released a statement on Wednesday to express their gratitude to Jessi and her fans. The label also explained that Jessi’s contract has expired.

“Being with P NATION since the beginning until now as P NATION’s first artist, Jessi has secured her position as an artist who is loved by more fans through her warm passion and endless efforts,” the statement read, as translated by Soompi. “That process and her achievements became positive and enjoyable sources of motivation for every member of P NATION.”

“We will continue to cheer on Jessi’s future path as an artist, and we will continuously support her diverse activities. We thank the many fans who cherish Jessi, and we ask that you continue to send warm encouragement and support,” P Nation added. 

P Nation’s first signed artist has claimed that she did not initially jump at Psy’s offer to join his label. In an interview with Rolling Stone Korea last year, she reportedly said, “I was not convinced at first, let’s get that straight. It took a while for him to really get me.” 

Her time with Psy’s label has resulted in hit after hit, from “Nunu Nana” in 2020 and “What Type Of X” in 2021 to “Zoom” last April. Jessi is also known for her collaborations and has worked with artists such as fellow P Nation labelmate Dawn. She even collaborated with Psy on his recent album, “Psy 9th,” which was released in April.

Jessi debuted in 2005 under the stage name Jessica H.O. with her album “Get Up.”

Feature Image via P Nation

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