Jeremy Lin Gets Called Out By Nets Player for Having Dreadlocks

Recently, Nets point guard Jeremy Lin penned an op-ed about his dreadlocks, as the hairdo has sparked conversation on cultural appropriation.

Kenyon Martin, formerly of the Nuggets, Bucks, Nets, Knicks, and Clippers, was one of those who thought his new ‘do was inappropriate, taking to Instagram on Wednesday to voice his thoughts on the matter.

Martin posted a follow-up video shortly thereafter:

“So, my last post, man…like, do I need to remind this damn boy that his last name [is] Lin? Like, come on, man, let’s stop this, man. These people, man. Like… (laughs) like there is no way possible, man, he would’ve made it on one of our teams, man, with that bullshit goin’ on his head, man. Like, come on, man. Like, somebody really need to tell him, like, ‘alright, alright, bro, we get it. We get it, like, you wanna be Black. Like, we get it, but the last name is Lin.’ Alright? I’m out.”

Due to the response he received to his video, he posted yet another follow-up to his commentary:

“Seems I ruffled a few of y’all feathers, so…good. Umm…take y’all comments to the bank and see what they give y’all for ’em. That’s what I think about ’em first and foremost. Umm…but that man grown. That man can rock whatever hairstyle he wanna rock. That don’t mean I have to like it or agree with it. Second of all, I’m grown, I can say whatever I wanna say about whatever I wanna say about. It ain’t about race, it ain’t about none of that…like, grow up, people, it was a joke, but I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it so…it is what it is. I love it. I’m havin’ a fabulous Wednesday, man. Y’all do the same. Go Cowboys.”

Jeremy Lin responded with the following on Instagram:

Netizens reacted to the exchange:

What do you think? Do you agree with Martin, or is he incorrect? Let us know in the comments!

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