Ripped Men Posing with Durians is Taking Over the Internet

A new thirst trap Instagram account has surfaced, and this time, it wants people to stare at incredibly hunky dudes as they hold the King of Fruits, also known as durian.

The account, @hotdudeswithdurian, is fairly fresh, but despite that fact, it is quickly amassing followers — over 1,000 followers since its first post on March 29.

It appears the account was inspired by the “hot men doing stuff” trend. Unlike other pages, this account usually features photos of men, mostly topless, posing alongside durian.

While the fruit is mainly popular in Southeast Asia, the page seems to feature men from other parts of the world taking part in the hot men trend.

Oh and in case you haven’t noticed, the page has a pretty clever bio that reads, “Durian makes us thorny.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if this becomes one of the hottest, newest trends on the internet.

Featured image via Instagram / hotdudeswithdurian

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