Hong Kong Officially Withdraws China Extradition Bill That Sparked Protests

hong kong protests

Hong Kong’s legislators have officially withdrawn the extradition bill that sparked the months-long protests. 

The announcement came a week after a Legislative Council session turned chaotic during Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s policy address, Hong Kong Free Press reported.

Secretary for Security John Lee announced the withdrawal of the bill after the second reading resumed on Wednesday.


Lam initially announced that she would formally withdraw the controversial extradition bill in September. Protesters at the time, however, were skeptical about the announcement.

Millions of people in Hong Kong flooded the streets after the extradition bill was announced in June. The bill would extradite those who committed crimes in Hong Kong to China to face trial.

The withdrawal of the bill is only one of the five demands protesters have emphasized.

BBC reported that the four other demands include: “For the protests not to be characterized as a ‘riot’,” “Amnesty for arrested protesters,” “An independent inquiry into alleged police brutality,” and “Implementation of complete universal suffrage.”

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